Market research and Business Planning

Preliminary market research and business planning has been carried out by Pulse Regeneration. This has indicated strong demand for use of the space by a wide range of potential users. Subject to the exceptional costs of conserving and converting the building being covered by appropriate levels of grant assistance, the business plan indicates a viable business case for the on-going operation of the building.

Dingle 2000

Despite funding setbacks and changes to City council policy, Dingle 2000 are still working to develop and deliver their vision. This is to create a flexible, multipurpose venue capable of holding a wide range of events, making an important new contribution to Liverpool’s vibrant and growing visitor economy, and bringing people, investment, and jobs into the local area. Through our partnership with a local housing cooperative we aim to acquire the adjacent vacant site, thereby facilitating the creation of an entrance in the north face of the Reservoir. The first of three proposed.


The present proposals are based on detailed discussions with planning and conservation officers. Phase one has seen planning consent being gained for the creation of openings to the north and south facing walls along with the creation of service space and community garden on the adjoining vacant site.